I Would Kiss Them on the Mouth, If It Was Appropriate

April 22, 2009 at 11:32 pm Leave a comment

The kids are almost through with their third, full week at the new school of fabulousness, and they are doing well.  That’s actually a great understatement.  They’re doing more than well.  They’re happy.  They are THRIVING.  They have acclimated nicely to their new environment, have made some new friends, and are even eager to embark on participating in the school’s full-day program.  To which I say, HUZZAH!  And, also?  Now Momma can stop worrying so much about her minions and go do something productive during daylight hours, like homework or working out at the gym or tossing a $20 in a slot machine at Foxwoods, rather than sit in the kitchen twitching as she waited for the inevitable phone call that she, yet again, needed to pick up her melting-down son, all the while wondering why she ever quit smoking.

Y’all, it is GOOD.

The staff we’ve come into contact with at this new school are scrumptious.  I don’t know how else to describe them, but they’re just a delectable group of women who, in the last few weeks, I’ve come to fiercely adore.  Let’s just say, I’ve already been daydreaming about their end-of-year gifts, a treat up until now I thought was ridonkulous expression of suckuperry, THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM OH MY GOD THE LOVE.

Just today, the aide in Sara’s class told me just what a wonderful addition she has been to the class.  She beamed on about how bright she is, about her photographic memory, and how she’s just so damn cute.  Later this afternoon, I got this little diddy in my email from Sara’s speech language pathologist:

I will look for her and bring her to my office after her lunch so her belly is full and she will be a happy girlie! But then again she is always a happy girl! I saw her today with my 10 am group. She did great! I just adore working with her! She is truly a gift in your life  they both are. I just happen to know Sara a bit more!

The exclamation points!  Oh, how I love to see exclamation points punctuating some fabulous compliment about my kids!   !!!  !  !!!!!!!!

Now, you’re probably wondering where all the praise and pomp and circumstance is about Max, right?  See, here’s the thing…his days at school have not warranted much commentary from his teacher.  After the first few days of having tough transitions in the classroom, Max now almost always happily abides by the schedule put forth by his teacher.  And, to cut off his tougher times at the pass, in swoops a special education teacher to give him regularly scheduled motor breaks and to work with him on a visual schedule and to more or less spray the entire room and hallways with rainbows and fairy dust that shoot from her ass.

Meanwhile, I’m under a weighty amount of homework at the moment seeing as the semester is rapidly coming to a close, I spent a good amount of last night being all Jerry McGuire-ish and establishing personal goals (it’s not a MEMO, it’s a MISSION STATEMENT, DAMNIT!), while all the positivity and unremarkableness about my kids sang in the background like the new soundtrack to my soul.  LIFE IS GOOD!


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