Extreme Makeover, Accidental Edition

March 17, 2009 at 1:40 pm 1 comment

It started with our kitchen faucet. Over the past few months, our water pressure from the kitchen tap seemed to dwindle at an alarming rate.  My handy hubby decided to take a gander at the insides to do a quick clean out and see if he could up the pressure a bit.  20 minutes later and SHAZAM!  OOdles of free flowing water at a more than acceptable pressure.  D suggested that he do the exact same thing to our bathroom sink.

Something went terribly wrong once pliers hit the faucet.  Myself being plumbing impaired, I haven’t a clue as to what exactly transpired or how it happened, but the tap broke.  But!  Luckily!  We had a replacement faucet which we wanted to use anyway, so D went to work to switch out the old with the new.

As it turned out?  Our bathroom fixture was so old, it had literally rusted onto the pipes, with no chance of removal with out surgery.  Which, was only possible by removing our entire bathroom vanity.  Which, because of its advanced age, fell to pieces at the mere mention of removal.

Home Depot and Lowes both wanted, like, $400 for a new sink and vanity around the same size as our old one.  And, as is my response in most cases of home improvement sticker shock, I said, “I betcha Ikea has something nicer and for A LOT less money.”

Off to Ikea we went.  Our entire little family, for breakfast and some bathroom fixture shopping.

We purchased a new sink, vanity and cabinet, alright…in addition to two new dressers for the kids’ room (Malm, which are cheap as hell, but still…) and another one for me, since I’ve been without a dresser for quite a while.  Cha-ching…

Once we got our Swedish bounty home, assembled the dressers and began to move them into the spot we’d cleared for them in the kids’ room, we realized something vitally important that we missed.  THEY DID NOT FIT in the space allotted.  This then resulted in the relocation of a toy box and another toy storage system to the living room, much to my husband’s chagrin.

See, he’s not a fan of kids’ toys taking over our living space.  And, while I totally agree, it’s not as though we have a HUGE house and, therefore, we’re faced with limited options.

“Well,” I said, “perhaps we should start thinking about finishing the basement like we’ve been talking about.”

He agreed.  And so we’ve begun the planning and prepping stages of finishing a portion of our basement in order to create a playroom for our kids.  From a drippy faucet to major remodel in under 72 hours.  I believe that might be a record.


Entry filed under: Momma Drama.

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  • 1. divrchk  |  March 17, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    We have a basement playroom and still have toys in the family room. However, there are no toys in the kids bedrooms and I like it that way. Good luck with all of your projects!


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