Graham’s Story

January 25, 2009 at 6:39 pm Leave a comment

It’s rare that I stumble across something on Facebook or Twitter or virtually anywhere on the interwebs that compells me to share it.  I’m not easily impressed by stories folks email to me about their aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s roommate’s best friend’s neighbor’s pet sitter’s boss, thrice removed and how their kid was cured of cancer because she forwarded this note seventy bajillion times so Bill Gates could donate a buck for each name, ecetera, ecetera, ecetera.

This is one of those rare occurances, so LISTEN UP.

I belong to a group on Facebook which campaigns for awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder.  Recently, I visited the group’s page and saw some links which the group’s creator thought the members might find useful, interesting, inspiring or all three.  One of those links was to a documentary by Erik Linthorst simply called, Graham’s Story.  A brief summary of the film, from Erik’s website :

Autistic-Like: Graham’s Story is an intimate family portrait showing one dad’s determined quest to find the right therapies, the right doctors, and even the right words to describe his son. This short subject documentary is a startling report from the edge of the autism epidemic, and illuminates the medical, social and public health issues faced by families whose autistic-like children have no clear diagnosis, and are offered no specific treatment.

The trailer, available on Erik’s website, had me reeling, snivelling and cry-snotting.  I’m sure not everyone will react as I did, but when you’re faced with knowing in your heart of hearts that SOMETHING is afoot with your kid, and yet, no one seems to know what that SOMETHING is?  Or, worse yet, how to treat it?

After a bit more reading, it seems Erik and his wife Jeanne found The Option Institute’s Son-Rise program which helped them better understand their son and give him the support and treatment he needed.  According to what I read, little Graham is now a strapping young toddler who is no longer considered autistic.

In case you’re interested, the film was selected to show during the 2009 Connecticut Film Festival.  Since it’s showing in my home state, I’m sure I’ll be there to see it, if I don’t purchase the DVD before then. Not to worry, I’ll pack plenty of tissues for both of us.


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