Sensationally Exhausted

January 16, 2009 at 9:28 am Leave a comment

Last night, for the first time in months, I mustered up enough energy to get some laundry done, clean the kitchen top to bottom, put away the kids toys that live in our living room and begin work on my niece’s birthday present, a fabulous apron for her and another one to match for her American Girl doll.  I was even able to keep my workspace neat and organized while I worked, something that almost never happens but helps immensely in increasing the rate of creative juice flow.

Sometime around 10pm, just as I finished a sixth pleat in one part of the apron (take that, y’all…I pleat), I heard my son whining and beginning to wake up.  I made a preemptive visit to his bedroom to try and cut him off at the pass before he ended up in our bed, as he has most nights recently.  Normally, I wake in the morning to discover this little person sleeping between D and I, but occasionally, he whips up a frenzy sometime earlier in the evening and we end up with a sad little guy that needs some calming down and comforting before he comes into bed.  After about ten minutes, he went back to sleep in his bed, and I hoped beyond hope he’d stay asleep without needing to snuggle with us.

No such luck.

After two more fits, D finally just brought him into our room to sleep which, normally, does the trick.  Unfortunately, last night, not so much.  Max woke every hour or so, from midnight until 5am.  I vaguely remember D waking a few times to see if he could help, but it was mostly me.  Trying to calm the crying and fear through half open exhausted eyes.

Oh…sorry about that…must’ve nodded off.  There isn’t enough coffee in my house to cure this strain of drowsy.

When I finally pried my eyes open, I asked Max what might’ve been interfering with his sleeping last night.

“My pajamas, Mommy.”

“Your pajamas kept you up last night?”

“Yep.  They felt funny.”

“Funny?  Like, itchy and scratchy?”

“No, just funny.  They tickled.”

Oh.  Got it.  Note to self, BURN all of Max’s footy pajamas.

The joys of having a sensational kid.


Entry filed under: Autism/Aspergers or Something Like It, Momma Drama.

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