Mom to Two Kids with SPD and Facebook Addict

January 6, 2009 at 1:05 pm Leave a comment

Are you on Facebook?  I am, and I’m almost ashamed to admit just how much time gets sucked through the black hole that is that very popular social networking invention.  On the flip side, I’ve reconnected with so many fab friends from my past (I hesitate to call them “old” friends since that implies I’m old, too),  found they all lead very fascinating and impactful lives and damnit if they don’t all look ten times better than I do.  Seriously, I grew up with some damn, fine folks.  Age is on the side of those who grew up in our little corner of New England.

I had to give a little shout out to my Naugy peeps.  Hey y’all!

But, I digress…

If you would all allow me for just a moment to run naked through the streets, my large, white, dimpled rear end bare for the world to see, in celebration of Max’s 7th day (non-consecutive, but I’LL TAKE IT!) of outburst free preschool!  WOOT!  Our day started well with little to no arguing or goading necessary to get my two munchkins dressed, ready and out the door ON TIME.  We arrived at school with no real fanfare, and upon pickup, Max’s teacher said, “He had a great day!”  May I stress she used the word, GREAT?  Keep in mind that was HER word, not MINE.  Great!  Not just good, not mediocre, not mes a mes…nope!  Bonafide, Tony the Tiger, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

Ok, so he did wander a bit still and had a tough time sitting for circle time but!  By golly, he completed an art project!  A feat which has escaped us since he started in September.  Luckily, his psychotherapist happen to be there today for an observation and bore witness to all the glory.

Tomorrow, we meet with the good doctor to discuss the details of beginning OT/sensory gym for Max and to figure out where we stand with Miss Sara.

I’m almost feeling good enough to clean my whole house!



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