Wills and Won’ts

January 2, 2009 at 11:30 am Leave a comment

In 2009, I Will…

  • stop referring to the small pockets on my kids’ clothes as the place to put their smokes
  • chill the eff out, as suggested by many
  • make it to one WW meeting a week
  • make it to the gym, at least, 3 times a week
  • quit giving a rats patoot about how everything including my sneakers make me look fat
  • stop pretending I’m back to a size 12 and shop for clothes in an appropriate size
  • take the LSATS
  • call my friends more often
  • call my Mother more often
  • call my sister everyday
  • attend Blogher
  • maybe get a cat
  • develop some form of reward system for my kids that is effective and doesn’t include donuts, toys or some freakish combo of the two
  • wear makeup more often
  • clean my damn car more than once a year (ick!)
  • continue in therapy
  • ride my bike enough to not require an oxygen mask upon my return home

In 2009, I won’t:

  • use credit cards…much
  • fall apart at the drop of a hat…much
  • fall behind in school work
  • sweat the small stuff, too often
  • nag my husband about his inability to close a damn cabinet for the love of all that is crunchy…..much
  • say “I told ya so” even if it’s true
  • give in when others question my opinions or beliefs
  • give up my morning coffee or occasional trip to Taco Bell, no matter how much more weight I might lose
  • judge…too much

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