Out With the Old…yadda yadda

January 1, 2009 at 7:27 pm Leave a comment

Things in 2008 I’d rather just forget about:

  • My proposed book proposal never got out of my head, onto paper, or into actual proposal form.
  • The one, non-parent friend I actually managed to keep, I managed to alienate in 2008.
  • That last, unintentional rhyme.
  • The grade of “C” I acheived in my meteorology class
  • I somehow managed to overextend myself right out of the few freelance writing gigs I landed
  • The massive tumble off the W*eight W*atchers wagon
  • Enduring the first few weeks of preschool and the subsequent phone calls telling me my son was out of control

The better aspects of 2008:

  • My (mostly) delightful children, my delicious husband, my always fabulous sister and the rest of the clan that, albeit crazy, I proudly call my family
  • Jumping in, feet first, into a full-time undergraduate schedule for the first time in 12 years and rocking a 3.5 GPA, thank you very much
  • Deciding to go to law school
  • Meeting a man who has vowed to help us better understand our kids’ quirks and assist in treating their issues with sensory integration
  • Succeeding in losing 30-some-odd pounds before falling off the aforementioned wagon
  • Deciding to write a book
  • Standing by my socially liberal and financially conservative values without wavering
  • Getting therapy
  • Attending Blogher Reach Out in Boston
  • Realizing that, although I cannot provide many material objects to my kids, my niece and my nephew, I can give them an abundance of my time

It’s always a good thing when the latter list outweighs and out-sizes the former.

Happy new year, y’all.  May 2009 bring you love, peace, prosperity and a nice matching set of luggage.


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