The Great Grocery Controversy

November 21, 2008 at 11:52 am 1 comment

After we’d decided the kids were to start preschool this fall, D pulled some strings and got himself a fabulous, 4-day work week.  He leaves for work at the butt crack of dawn Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, must do at least a bit of work from home most evenings and weekends, but he is on full-time kid duty on Thursday.  He makes sure they have breakfast, takes them to school in the morning, preapres their lunches, supervises nap time activities, and, usually, late in the day, post-snooze, they accompany him on some errands which usually includes a stop at the Chocolate Donut Store, a.k.a., Dunkin Donuts.

Yesterday, after the kids unexpectedly hit the hay midday (they’d quit napping for about a week there, but then suddenly came down with a wee cold so now we’re back to the old routine), D announced he’d be leaving to do some grocery shopping.  Which, what am I going to do, stop him?  Plus, Thursdays are my days to get a large chunk of homework done, and with him out of the house and two sleeping babes, I’d easily be able to churn out a few hours of work.  (I didn’t, unfortunately, and instead took my writers blocked self to Facebook and wasted an awful lot of time)  He left, coupons and lists in hand, sometime around 1:30pm, bound for two, possibly three, different stores to take advantage of some major sales this week.

At some point, I looked at the clock, and it read 4:45pm.  D still hadn’t returned home.

I gave a call, just to make sure he hadn’t been recruited by our local wholesale club to be their newest sample guy, and sure enough, he’d turned the second to last corner before coming home.  Within 45 seconds of us hanging up, he pulled in the driveway.

“So!  What was the damage,” I asked, wondering how much money he spent, as he tends to go a little crazy sometimes with the groceries.

“Uhhh, $180.  And, I got a lot of stuff!”

“Wow!  Three stores for under $200!  That’s amazing!”

“Oh.  I only made it to one store.”

blink…blink blink

“Wait…you spent three HOURS in ONE store,” I seriously could NOT believe my ears.

“Well, yeah.  I wanted to make sure I got everything on my list, plus I picked up a few extra things too, since, well, you know, the holidays are coming and we’ll be entertaining, so we’ll need stuff for that.”

Ok, so he had a point.  We DO tend to entertain a whole lot around this time of year, and, as it turned out that extra stuff translated into macadamia nuts, a giant box of Ritz crackers (one of my favorites), individual bags of Animal Crackers (kids’ favorite), enough egg noodles to carry us through a nuclear disaster, pasta, soup and oh so much more.  Scary thing was, he wasn’t finished quite yet.

Later last evening, after the kids went to bed, D asked what time our local grocery store closed.  “11pm,” I told him.  With a spring in his step and reusable shopping bags at the ready, he bounced out the door.  That, my dear interweb friends, was 8:30pm.  Any idea what time he wandered back in the door?

Let’s just say it was a good thing he opted for the Rold Gold Honey Mustard pretzel twists, one of the most tastiest morsels designed by man, because my brilliant husband wandered in at just a few minutes before the clock struck 11:30pm.

This time, I never even bothered to ask what took so long, because I knew.  This is the man who has created a sport out of trying to save us money where groceries are concerned.  My pantry, literally, would not close this morning, due to the industrial size box of rice and four, large containers of chicken broth poking out, acting as a stop for the door.

I suppose there could be worse things, right?


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Life, at a Zillion Miles per Second That’s MY Kid

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  • 1. BrendaS  |  November 22, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    That’s great that he likes to do the shopping. how did you teach him that trick? ::::lookaround:::


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