Grab Roget’s and Turn to Hopeless*

October 15, 2008 at 9:21 pm 4 comments

The last debates served more as comic fodder than actual political meat and potatoes, failing to quench our hunger for where the candidates stand on the great variety of issues.  We made fun, we sounded our annoyance, we vowed to watch the next one and carried on with our lives.

Tonight, however, was the fourth and final presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.  Moderator Bob Scheiffer of CBS’ Face the Nation ran quite a tight ship, tossing the candidates tough questions that actually perpetuated some…wait for it…debate between the men vying for our nation’s highest office.

I sat through the entire ordeal.  And what, exactly did I glean from that ninety minutes?

The true extent of my horror and hopelessness for our country’s future.

First, neither candidate showed me any redeeming leadership qualities that might woo me to either camp.  I heard bickering and much one-upmanship, but nothing of true substance to compel me to plant a sign in my front yard.  I saw two men trying to make strategic PR moves rather than proving they’re up for the challenge for the job of head public servant.

Second, I take great issue with anyone claiming there exists a pro-abortion campaign.  According to the CDC, just 19% of abortions are performed on women between the ages of 15-19.  Promoting that abortions are still used as a form of birth control by promiscuous and irresponsible teenagers just makes for bad politics.  Not to mention, it’s just not true.

Next, a huge, sucking vortex opened tonight in both candidates education plans.  I heard all about early childhood education and making college more affordable.  But, what about those teensy little years called K-12?  Exactly what’s the plan to make our schools more competitive than they are now?  Community based educational oversight, despite what Mr. Obama says, is not a tradition that has served most of us well.  Here, in my little city, my children will have a choice of four elementary schools to attend when they begin kindergarden, ALL of which fall below the standards of NCLB and have for two or more consecutive years, a middle school riddled with violence and a high school on the verge of losing its accrediation based both on issues with cirriculum and facilities.  I could be wrong, but I don’t know a whole lot of industrialized nations that rely on the same educational structure.  The idea of moving to a “better” town to achieve a “better” school experience for my kids is a completely foreign concept in Canada, Italy, UK, Japan and Ireland.

As for the comment Mr. McCain made about his VP candidate “knowing something about autism” shot through me like a flaming, poison arrow.  As someone who just embarked on attempting to diagnose two children with, at the very least, developmental issues, I don’t take kindly to being patted on the head and told, “not to worry little lady, we know more and we’ll take care of it up here”.  Sarah Palin may have a child with Downs Syndrome, which is certainly a journey in and of itself, but it doesn’t it’s an apple to the orange of dealing with autism.  Not to mention, the kid is 4 months old and years from school age which puts Mrs. Palin’s expertise in special needs children where?  Right.  Nowhere.

In case I appear cloudy or vague, let me be clear.  I fear for our country.  I worry about what my children face in school, about the quality of their education, whether abortion will remain legal and how much of this economic debacle they’ll shoulder 20 years from now.  Mostly, what sends shivers to my very core, is the idea that many Americans…educated, intelligent, otherwise rational, good people believe that one of these men are our political savior.  Because, if that’s the case, may God help us all.

*Do kids these days even know who Roget is?


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  • 1. Christy  |  October 16, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Sarah Palin doesn’t have to live with autism everyday but her sister does. Does this make her the most qualified of the candidates to take on the needs of our children? Who knows. But she does and will have real world experience on getting services for a special needs child. If I was just voting on this issue alone, I would put the check into the McCain/Palin camp.

  • 2. admin  |  October 16, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Christy, with all due respect, I would be lambasted if I made the claim that, because I have a child with autism, that I was qualified to comment on what it’s like to parent a child with Down’s. Granted, I’m not running for VP, but still, I take great offense to McCain’s stance on the subject.

    Regardless of all that I just said, this race is certainly not a one issue campaign. And, as I wrote in my original post, I’m finding fault and taking issue with both candidates.

    What’s scary is, in this most historic and impactful race, I just may decide to stay home and refrain from casting a vote.

  • 3. Christy  |  October 16, 2008 at 8:18 am

    I’m nervous for either one of them to take office but hopeful that neither one will ruin the country too badly.

  • 4. Dee  |  October 16, 2008 at 8:56 am

    I always find it interesting that the American public actually thinks that our votes count. Goes to show you how many people passed their social studies classes (and also says something about the average IQ).

    Our voting system is a “popular vote” only; the electoral college is what counts when it comes to electing our nation’s leader(s), and our votes don’t mean squat to them. So all this fuss over who’s more qualified, who’s got better policies/tax plans/etc., is really for naught. Not that it doesn’t make for interesting fodder in the media and whatnot, but still….


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